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My story

My Story

Life, Light & Landscapes

My Story.. so far

From Hornsey College of Art to International Art Exhibitions

Born in 1947, Terry studied fine art sculpture at Hornsey College of Art and Goldsmiths College from 1966 to 1971. (The HCA was “an iconic British art institution, renowned for its experimental and progressive approach to art and design education”.)

After college, for the next fifteen years he worked as an experimental public artist funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain and Regional Arts Associations.

In 1977 he established a multi-media theatre company, creating performance work and portable environments of colour, movement and sound for open public spaces. Working with community art-workshop projects in Essex, Hertfordshire and Manchester, he regularly exhibited his work at festivals throughout Europe.


My work is a continuing exploration of colour compositions presented as juxtaposed images constructed from reflected and transmitted light, in two and three-dimensional constructs.

Initially my colour work was exhibited in the 70s and 80s as sculptural structures and performance events for public spaces. But I am also fortunate to have had my work exhibited throughout Europe and the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

Most recent projects include a series of lightscape images, created from the myriad of reflections visible in urban and domestic environments. Light-reflective surfaces surround us – in buildings, double-glazing, shop windows, even the highly polished bonnets of cars! Ultimately creating a truly magical world of ever-changing light and colour.

Without a doubt my work is still continuing to evolve and develop. From mixed media, colour-light images and computer-generated prints of light reflections, to sculptural neon and fabric constructs. Yet simultaneously, life painting continues to be a constant regenerative pleasure – a fundamental part of my cycle of creative endeavour.

Light in Life