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Gallery cover image - Hard rain by Terry W Scales constructivist artist


Curated Collection of Artwork by Terry W Scales

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“As an artist …

I am constantly driven to keep finding different challenges in my work – new approaches, new processes, new ideas. While wanting to express my deep respect for the complexity and beauty of our planet, I also feel I have a duty to make my work a critique of our human greed.

As a constructivist…

my passion has been to explore new sources of visual expression. My work over the last 50 years has included painting, photography, environmental sculptures, performance art, neon constructions and digitized imagery, heavily relying on new materials and techniques.

View the gallery at your leisure. It has been very carefully chosen and thoughtfully presented to (hopefully!) enhance your viewing pleasure. Various other images are included on the site pages relevant to the years and events that defined them. Enjoy!

Terry W. Scales, Constructivist Artist

Gallery page - The Magnitude is Green, luminaria collage photo print, 2008.
The Magnitude is Green. Luminaria collage photo print, 2008.

Colour, Space and Time

Blues fuse and move.
Darkness shudders,
floods blue across red,
Fading into warm
infinite depths.
Line red to space:
the magnitude is green.
Lost tangled streams
of colour float and surrender,
sipping momentary life.
Space trembles: softness.
Vermillion silhouettes slide
into subtle iridescence.
Foreboding screams
send blues to future
And the proximity of red
senses effluent colours’
Time fractures:

(Terry W. Scales, 1974)

Art Gallery Exhibitions

While working with light-scapes I was also working with 2D and 3D light-structures using neon. In 2003 I began mounting neon light directly onto canvases and later onto stretch fabric constructs. I was fortunate enough to have exhibited these at the Dylan Thomas Centre Gallery, Swansea in 2007 and the Galerie Pierre Tal-Coat in 2013.

Torn Wood

For the 2021 Nouvelles Metamorphoses exhibition I decided to concentrate on exploring the natural beauty of rhythms, structure and growth in the wood I was working with. These five images of ash wood in its raw natural state are as we see it in our daily lives as a fuel to burn.

Photographic in origin, light is used to create deep shadows and muted colours. Simple dramatic portraits of torn wood floating on an almost infinite black background and mounted on reflective aluminium di-bond.

In 2016, I created a large new neon sculpture titled A Hard Rain is Falling. Displayed at the inauguration event in a series of annual exhibitions with the Nouvelles Metamorphoses (France) group between 2016 and 2018. Later, the piece was bought and installed at Newham Sixth Form College, Plaistow in 2018/19.

Do you dream in colour?

If you have a vision for a piece of art, or feel that your community would benefit by way of an exhibition or unique commissioned piece, I’d love to hear from you.

Landscapes of Light

Early School Art & Untitled Works